Sky Cig Discount Code – Save Up to 85%!

Save money on a Skycig

Okay, I cannot recommend Skycig any more, even though they would pay me if I sent you to them and you bought one – I have used them myself for a long time but the truth is that I get a lot of people complaining that the batteries don’t last, the cartridges are of variable quality, and many people feel they have been “ripped off”. And I have to say that I’m far from impressed myself.

Therefore if you want an electronic cigarette that looks like a real tobacco cigarette I recommend you go for E-lites (you can save some serious money on them here) since they seem to me to be of a far superior quality in terms of the battery, the cartridges, the service, the price, and just about everything else.

I honestly would NOT buy another Skycig even if it were only 50p, it just isn’t worth the hassle to me, I’d buy an E-Lites every time.

You can visit E-Lites here

I DO NOT recommend buying a Skycig UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES – I could earn a commission if you went from here to Skycig and bought one BUT I DO NOT RECOMMEND SKYCIG EVEN THOUGH I COULD EARN MONEY FROM IT.


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